Best Practices | Earth Day Celebration

Hands on a globe

Hands on a globeEarth Day is a special day dedicated to celebrating our wonderful and beautiful planet that gives us so much. Now more than ever, spreading awareness about how we can improve and sustain life is imperative and celebrating Earth Day is a great way to educate people and spread awareness about the importance of a healthy Earth.

Optimal Locations:

  • Schools
    • Indoors or outdoors
    • Parks
    • Aquariums, Zoos
    • Community centers
    • Backyards
    • Playgrounds
    • College campus’

Project Ideas:

  • arborday3Plant trees
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Garden
  • Hike
  • Trip to the Aquarium or Zoo
  • Do an environmental cleanup:Beach
    • Urban
    • River
    • Park
    • Town wide celebration

Project Roadmap: Earth Day

Step 1: Pick your location

The location for your Earth Day celebration depends on whom you are celebrating with. Depending on your location, you are more than able to combine project ideas. For instance, if you have your event on a playground:

  • Playground cleanup
  • Set up an area for Earth Day arts & crafts
  • Plant new trees
  • Town wide celebration

Step 2: Set a date and time

APRIL 22ed is the official Earth Day date; however do not feel limited to just celebrating on the 22ed. Celebrating the weekend before (April 19-April 20) or the weekend after (April 26-April 27) is a great option too!

Step 3: Supplies

Visit our “Everyday is Earth Day!” board on Pinterest to see some DIY ideas.

Step 4: Starting Your Project

It’s as easy as clicking this link to begin your project!

If you’re ready to start building your thrdPlace project page, check out our video tutorial.


Use thrdPlace to promote your project!

Step 5: Fundraising Opportunities

Tell people WHY you are doing this event in the first place. Below are some suggestions to raise money during your event.

  • Charging admission to the event
    • Different rates for different ages
    • Selling of food and drinks
    • Having secondary activities at the event (face painting, jumping castle, ect)
    • Selling related items (t-shirts, pencils, etc)

628x471Step 6: Project Day!

Here are some ideas to make things fun:

  • Reward and/or recognize users who are able to tackle the largest area in the time allotted.
  • Play music
  • Have snacks, water and treats on site
  • Create your own event hashtag
    • This will keep all the photos people take throughout the day in one place. You can later use these photos with your event staff and thrdPlace to celebrate your hard work!

Don’t forget to check the weather report the day of your project! For tips about how to deal with mother nature visit

To review important safety tips for your project day visit

Share your Success!

Tell us what you did! We want to hear stories about how you helped give back to your community. You just might inspire others to do the same.

Share feedback: We are always looking for feedback on our materials, so please leave some comments below to let us know how this guide was helpful, how your project went, and tips and trips for others!

Keep up the good: Remember, whether you’ve got five minutes, five hours or five days, you can make a positive impact in your community. And if you have more time, consider organizing another service activity, finding local opportunities and posting your events at

Have Questions, to join our weekly Wednesday Webinar: @ 1:00-1:30 PM PST


Review the HandsOn Network guide for more ideas on how to be a successful event leader


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